Xcellence Realty would like to take the time to welcome back Kimberly Rae Anderson! She is once again a member of the Xcellence Realty family of 100% commission earners! ┬áKimberly is a licensed Real Estate agent representing Lee County in Bonita Springs, FL. Should anyone have referrals in Lee County or surrounding areas, feel free to contact Kimberly at 239-220-4876. Also if you would please take the time in your day to welcome Kimberly Anderson to the Xcellence Realty family, that will be great. 

Attention all Lee County agents, if you would also like to benefit form all the innovative technology and off course 100 percent commission plans offered by Xcellence Realty, please feel free to contact us anytime we are always available to help. Toll-Free 1-866-595-6025 or visit our website: www.ideserve100percent.com