100% Commision

The Way it Ought to Be!

You deserve 100% of the commission!

Pop quiz: How many industries can you think of where employers take huge chunks of the salaries of the people who produced the income, just because they can? There’s Real estate, then there’s… that’s just about all you can think of, isn’t it?

 At Xcellence Realty, we’re firm believers in the idea that when you bring a listing and do all the work in getting a home sold, then you deserve 100% of the commission when it comes in. Period.

 Everything we do is based on the 100% concept. Since one plan won’t necessarily fit all, we’ve put together three 100% plans for you to consider as you begin thinking about the future we will build together.

 Each gives you access to the same tools, the same ability to earn residual income, and the very same tech tools you’ll use every day. Check out each of our 100% plans to see which one will work best for you!

Agent Testimonials

Danny Barnes, Real Estate Agent

Former Coldwell Banker Agent

Robin Pascale, Real Estate Agent

Former Keller Williams Agent