More than a hashtag or our slogan it is the foundation we are built on

If you bleed Xcellence in everything you do,

Xcellence Realty wants to talk to you.

We’re seeking qualified Real Estate agents who yearn to maximize opportunities and profits while living dream lives.  If this describes you, it might be time to consider joining Xcellence, the home of 100% commission plans, Revenue Share, and other perks that you’ve only dreamed about – until now

Why Xcellence?

Every company has a set of beliefs & values on which they’ll stake their reputations. Truth is, values the world sees are sometimes different than what real estate agents see once they’re on the inside. We think it should be the same no matter who is looking.

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Our Agents Say it Best...
We can talk about how great we are but what others say about us carries infinitely more weight. The best testament to the power of what we are doing comes straight from our fiercest advocates: our agents. Learn about their truth and how it could be yours soon.

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Competitive Advantage
As a forward thinking Company we embrace technology and use it to our advantage.  At Xcellence we build our tech in house & tailor it to the needs of our agents.  When you work for us, you will have the feeling of having a tech partner by your side all the time.

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Nothing Beats 100% Commission

Dead men tell no lies and neither do our 100% commission plans. All of our agents give themselves immediate raises beginning the moment they sign on with Xcellence. Our 100% commission plans typically amount to annual raises worth an extra 10%-40%. The best part? You won’t have to do any extra work to earn this free money. Just find a way to spend, save, or invest it.

Rev Share. Yes, we have that too

We believe that agent compensation is one of those issues the Real Estate industry has historically failed to adequately address. We think you should demand excellence in compensation, too. This is why we pioneered the industry’s first 100% commission plan plus revenue share that sets a high bar and puts the industry on notice that agents deserve better. At Xcellence, you can look forward to an infinite revenue sharing model with guaranteed payouts. 

You’ve Got the Power, with Best in class Tech

While most real estate agencies offer some technological tools to their agents, only Xcellence Realty has taken the radical step of providing its real estate agents with free, cutting-edge technology that is developed 100% in-house. This gives you the advantage of free tools you’ll use daily help you be more successful including: Intuitive CRM,  transaction management software, electronic signatures, our exclusive forms library, real-time reports that help you keep a handle on the health of your business, IDX Agent websites, mobile apps & much, much more.

Statewide Brokerage

Xcellence Realty is a member of 22 local Realtor® associations throughout Florida. This gives our agents the opportunity to extend their personal reach from the Florida Keys to as far north as Jacksonville and Pensacola. Having nearly unlimited reach enables our agents to service the needs of their clients regardless of where in Florida they are located.  Click the link below for a complete list of the Realtor® associations Xcellence is affiliated with.

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