As if 100% Commission was not enough

Xcellence agents can also earn guaranteed monthly residual income

The Industry’s first 100% Commission + Revenue Share Compensation Plan

As a company that puts our agents first, we believe that offering 100% commission is just not enough, so we went back to the drawing board pioneered the industry’s first 100% commission + Revenue share compensation plan!



So, How Much Can You Make?

We’re incredibly proud of our comp plan because it was created from the ground up with a single focus: to make your life better.

Real Estate professionals should never struggle to put food on the table or to worry about basic needs. You entered the best industry because you wanted a better life.  Our comp plan can give it to you-beginning today.

Dream Vacation

Refer just TWO AGENTS, and we could be paying for that DREAM VACATION!

Car Payment

Refer FOUR AGENTS, and we could be paying your monthly CAR PAYMENTS!

Mortgage Payment

Refer TEN AGENTS, and we could be paying your monthly MORTGAGE PAYMENTS!

So, How Does It Work?

In addition to earning 100% commissions on everything you do, the Agent$hare part of our compensation plan gives you the potential to earn unlimited monthly revenue sharing. Here’s how it works: You’ll undoubtedly run into other successful real estate agents in your day to day life. When you encounter someone you think is a good candidate for Xcellence Realty, introduce them to us. When you do, you’ll can earn up to 100% of the monthly membership fee associated with your recruits 100% commission plan, and up to 35% of what Xcellence Realty earns from each of your recruit’s closed transactions. Simply put, this is Agent$hare.

In a nutshell, we’ve created the world’s best, most innovative revenue share program that, with minimal effort, could enable you to earn thousands of dollars in guaranteed monthly residual income.

Please note: don’t look for fine print because there isn’t any. Agent$hare is the industry’s first guaranteed revenue sharing plan that isn’t tied to performance. Your recruits don’t have to have to hit production thresholds in order for you to get paid guaranteed monthly revenue. This is precisely what makes Agent$hare so lucrative. Are you ready to earn 100% Commission + Revenue share?

Agent$hare Testimonials

Our Agent$hare plan is based on maximizing opportunity, growth, and residual income.  Don’t blindly take our word for it.
Here’s what a few of our agents have to say

Dawn Manz, Real Estate Agent

Former Keller Williams Agent

Danny Barnes, Real Estate Agent

Former Coldwell Banker Agent

Are you ready to get more from your broker?

Your happiness is directly proportional to how much money you earn. We believe that we attract the best people because we give our agents the tools they need to earn more. By investing in our agents, we reduce our churn rate because happier, wealthier agents tend to stick around.

Our recipe for success is based on making our agents lives better.

Do you want a better life?