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Where is Xcellence Realty located?

Our corporate office is located in Miami, FL the address is: 10508 N. Kendall Dr. Miami, Fl. 33176 now if you do not live near our office there is nothing to worry about as a matter of fact the majority of our agents do not live near us, you see when you join Xcellence Realty we will set you up with your very own RealtyBackOffice account where you will be able to manage all aspects of your business. In addition our agents get paid at the closing table, so no need to send us a check or wait a couple days for your commission, title Company or attorney conducting the closing will pay you your portion of the commission directly that very same day. (Which by the way it is 100%!!) With that said our agents find that they do not need to live near our offices since everything is online and you get paid at closing.

Does Xcellence Realty really pay monthly residual income?
Yes, Xcellence Realty offers Real Estate agents what no other Real Estate Brokerage offers, and that is the ability to earn Monthly Residual Income for sponsoring other agents into XCELLENCE. Our Residual income program is not based on your recruits sales instead it is based on what your recruit pays us every month. Our “Guaranteed Monthly Income” program is only an additional $50/Monthly and once you join we pay you every single month 50% of your recruits monthly fee to us. It’s SIMPLE, GUARANTEED, & VERY LUCRATIVE!
Does Xcellence Realty carry an errors & omissions policy?
We definitely do, & the charge is incuded. You pay nothing.
Does Xcellence Realty provide me with a website
Yes, at Xcellence Realty, inc we provide all of our agents with a beautiful IDX powered agent website. The websites have lead capture forms and when a prospects inquires on a property the lead is sent directly to your inbox. Click on the link below to visit one of our agents Xcellence Realty site. Sample Agent Site
When I close a transaction how do I collect my check?
Our agents get paid at the closing table in other words the title Company or Attorney conducting the closing pays you your portion of the commission directly the same day of the closing, getting paid at closing is very simple with our office all you have to do is a get paid at closing request which can be done right within the transaction manager of, once there simply fill out the simple web form and click submit the office will immediately get notified that you are requesting to get paid at closing. We will then verify that the file is in compliance and approve your request once the request is approved the our back office system will generate a letter which basically authorizes the escrow agent to pay you directly and to send us our portion. It’s that simple… No need to print, fax, or sign anything our goal at Xcellence Realty is to make everything you do as efficient as possible while also contributing to GOING GREEN through our paperless systems!
Which Realtor Associations is Xcellence Realty a member of?
At XCELLENCE we are members of 17 Realtor Associations througout Florida.  Check out the list below.

  • Pensacola Association of Realtors
  • Tallahassee Association of Realtors
  • North East Florida Association of Realtors
  • Daytona Beach Association of Realtors
  • Orlando Regional Association of Realtors
  • Greater Tampa Association of Realtors
  • Pinellas Association of Realtors
  • Lakeland Association of Realtors
  • East Polk County Association of Realtors
  • Sarasota Association of Realtors
  • Punta Gorda – Port Charlotte – North Port Association of Realtors
  • Naples Area Association of Realtors
  • Realtor Association of Palm Beach
  • Realtor Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale
  • South Broward Board of Realtors
  • Miami Association of Realtors
  • Florida Keys Board of Realtors
Does Xcellence Realty charge my customer a processing fee?
Before we answer this question we want to make a clarification, the only reason why in this question we used the word processing fee is because this is what the majority of agents call what is really a commission. At Xcellence Realty when representing a buyer in a transaction we do charge buyers in each and everyone our our plans a $300 buyers representative finder’s fee commission, and when representing a seller we also charge a $300 Flat Fee Commission in addition to the percentage commission that you the agent will charge the seller for listing their home. We do NOT charge this commission on rental transactions. Please remember Commissions are negotiable and can either be expressed as a percentage, a flat fee, or a combination of both. Now we want to make clear that this flat fee commission is very typical for the majority of Real Estate Brokerages to charge even the most recognized brand names charge them, it’s just that some companies call them processing fees, others call them transaction fees, and so on. We call them what they are commissions.
What is your commission structure on residential rental transactions?
It is very simple $100 Flat Fee, no matter the amount of the check & off course E&O insurance is included!
Where do I buy signs & business cards?
Once you join you will be able to order signs and business cards right from We work with several vendors which all have our designs set up and ready to go, all you have to do is go to there website and select the style of business card or sign you need, place the order online and within a few days you will have your promotional material. We are also setup with an apparel Company so if you would like to order business shirts, polos or promotional materials with our logo you can also do that at a very affordable price.

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