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Xcellence Tech Center

Welcome to Xcellence Tech Center– your one-stop-shop for all the tools and services you need to succeed in real estate! We understand that our agents have a lot on their plate, which is why we’ve created a centralized hub where you can access all of the resources you need in one convenient location. From marketing tools and customer relationship management software, to transaction management and training resources, the Xcellence Tech Center has it all.

Xcellence Realty Hub

Welcome to Xcellence Realty Hub – the powerful cloud-based platform designed to help our agents run their entire real estate business from one convenient location. We understand that real estate professionals need to be efficient and stay organized, which is why we offer Xcellence Realty Hub free of charge to all of our agents. Our platform includes a suite of powerful tools, including transaction management, e-signing capabilities, CRM, contact and lead management, agent reports, and more.

Plus, Xcelence Realty Hub is fully integrated with the Xcellence One App, our mobile app that allows agents and their clients to search for properties and collaborate in the home search process. With Xcellence Realty Hub and Xcellence One App, you can manage your real estate business seamlessly, from anywhere, at any time. Join us now now to start taking advantage of all the features available to you through Xcellence Realty Hub!

Xcellence Space Finder

Welcome to the Xcellence Space Finder – your key to finding the perfect workspace in our office locations! Designed with our agents’ convenience in mind, this platform allows you to schedule conference room times and workspaces in our Miami, Tallahassee, and Lakeland, FL offices.

At Xcellence Realty, we pride ourselves on providing advanced tools and technology that allow our agents to work from anywhere. With our integrated solutions, everything you need to serve your clients and manage your business can be done online. However, we understand that sometimes, you might prefer an office environment.

Whether you need a quiet space for focused work, a conference room for client meetings, or just want a change of scenery, Xcellence Space Finder has got you covered. It’s as simple as choosing a location, selecting a time, and booking your space.

But remember, this is an extra benefit! With Xcellence Realty, you have the freedom to work how and where you choose. We’re here to provide the tools and support you need to deliver Xcellence to your clients – whether that’s in one of our offices, from your home, or on the go.

Join Xcellence today and discover the future of flexible working in real estate.

Xcellence One App

Welcome to Xcellence One App– the ultimate tool for perfecting the entire real estate transaction experience. Our app is available for both clients and Xcellence agents, providing a seamless platform for managing real estate transactions from search to closing.

For our agents, Xcellence One App is the perfect complement to Xcellence Realty Hub, giving them full visibility into their client’s mortgage and title files, including all milestone updates and any documents and contacts shared with them. Agents can manage their transactions, view their CRM, track their leads, access agent reports, and much more, all from one convenient location.

For clients, Xcellence One App is the ultimate tool for managing their real estate transactions with ease. Clients can search for properties, collaborate with their agent in the home search process, and view the real estate, mortgage, and title files they are a part of. Plus, just like Xcellence agents, clients can see milestone updates, and access important documents, such as their contracts, pre-approval letter, appraisal, closing documents, and more. (No More Emailing Documents to clients!!)   Last but not least clients will also be able to apply for a mortgage or provide their escrow deposit – all from the app.

At Xcellence Realty, we believe that perfecting the real estate transaction requires a seamless platform that integrates all aspects of the transaction process. With  Xcellence One App, we’ve made that vision a reality. Join Xcellence Realty today and start experiencing the future of real estate transactions!

Plus, agents can also search the entire MLS from the app and even make property suggestions to their clients directly from the app.

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Xcellence Brand Studio

Welcome to Xcellence Brand Studio– the ultimate tool for Xcellence Realty Agents to design just about anything, from property flyers to social media posts and more. Our design and marketing platform is made specifically for realtors, with modern designs that help keep agents on brand and looking great.

With Xcellence Brand Studio, agents can personalize and easily edit all Xcellence Realty corporate marketing material with just a few clicks. The platform offers a mobile app in both the iOS and Google Play stores, so agents can access their designs on the go.

And the best part? You can actually send everything you design to print right from the platform.

Designs on Xcellence Brand Studio include property flyers, HTML email templates, social media posts, business card templates, for sale sign templates, agent self-promotional templates, and much more. All designs are professionally created and designed to help agents showcase their properties in the best light possible.

At Xcellence Realty, we believe that having great marketing material is crucial for success in the real estate industry. With Xcellence Brand Studio, we’ve made it easy for our agents to create beautiful, modern designs that help them stand out from the competition. Join Xcellence Realty today and start experiencing the power of Xcellence Brand Studio!

Xcellence University

Xcellence University is the future of real estate training, offering our agents the most advanced online learning platform available.

Our courses are designed specifically for real estate agents, covering everything from the basics to the most advanced tools and tech offered by Xcellence Realty. Plus, we offer Contract & Marketing Courses, & much more, all available in both English & Spanish.  

What sets Xcellence University apart from traditional training is the flexibility it offers.

With our platform, agents can take courses whenever and wherever they want, even from their mobile app. All courses include quizzes to ensure agents are learning the material and mastering the skills they need to succeed.

Join Xcellence Realty today and start experiencing the future of real estate training with Xcellence University.

Xcellence HelpDesk

Welcome to Xcellence HelpDesk, the one-stop hub for all your support needs related to Xcellence Realty, Mortgage, and Title. Our support page provides a variety of self-support options to help answer your questions and solve any issues you may be facing.

From our support platform, you will have the contact info to access support in all of our various departments, including Broker Support, Mortgage & Title Concierge Support, New Agent Support, Accounting Support, and Tech Support. Whether you need help with a specific issue or just have a general question, our team is here to help. Xcellence HelpDesk

In addition to personalized support, our page also includes a vast knowledge base of articles covering various topics related to Xcellence Realty, Mortgage, and Title. These articles are a valuable resource for agents looking to expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends.

At Xcellence Realty, we believe that providing our agents with top-notch support is essential for their success. That’s why we created Xcellence HelpDesk– to ensure that our agents always have access to the help they need, when they need it. Join Xcellence Realty today and start experiencing the support you deserve!

Xcellence ToolBox

Welcome to Xcellence Toolbox– the ultimate platform for Xcellence Realty Agents looking for tools that streamline their professional lives. Our platform provides an assortment of widgets that help agents create impressive seller net sheets for their seller customers, along with precise title quotes, buyer quotes, and much more.

The innovative offerings of Xcellence Toolbox are not just limited to these features. Agents participating in our 90/10 split plan have exclusive access to a highly beneficial Virtual Assistant services widget. This unique tool allows you to place orders for a multitude of services including social media ads, property videos, MLS listings input, personal branding videos, property flyers, and so much more. This tool, designed with our agents in mind, serves as an invaluable asset, ensuring that you can focus on what you do best, while we handle the rest.

At Xcellence Realty, we deeply understand that time is money for our agents. That’s why we continually strive to innovate and improve upon Xcellence Toolbox – to help our agents streamline their workflows and close deals faster. Stay tuned for even more tools that we have in the pipeline, including a branded cap rate calculator, as we strive to set the benchmark for real estate efficiency and success


Welcome to – our platform for booking conference room space in our beautifully decorated meeting and closing centers. Available to all Xcellence Agents, provides the perfect location to meet with clients for consultations or closings.

Our centers feature conference tables and all the amenities needed to conduct business in a professional setting.  At Xcellence Realty, we understand that agents need to be able to run their business from anywhere. That’s why we offer a suite of online tools to help our agents manage every aspect of their business remotely.

And with, agents have access to professional meeting spaces that can be booked on demand, so they can conduct business on the go.

Our centers are conveniently located in Miami, Lakeland, and Tallahassee, Florida, and are a perfect complement to the suite of online tools we offer. So whether you’re managing your business from your office or on the go, Xcellence Realty has everything you need to succeed.

Xcellence Shop

Introducing Xcellence Shop– the official apparel and merchandise shop for Xcellence Realty, Mortgage, & Title. Our shop features a wide range of branded apparel, accessories, and home and living products, all designed to help our agents look and feel their best.

In Xcellence Shop, agents can shop our past and current collections, as well as a range of Xcellence-branded accessories, like mugs and shoes, and other great gift ideas for their clients. Whether you’re looking for T-Shirts, Hoodies, or other apparel items, our shop has everything you need to look professional and feel confident.

At Xcellence Realty, we know that looking the part is just as important as being the part. That’s why we’ve created Xcellence Shop, where our agents can find everything they need to stay on brand and look their best. Join Xcellence Realty today and start sporting the best real estate apparel on the market!

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