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At Xcellence Realty, we believe that agents deserve to keep more of their hard-earned commission. That’s why we offer two competitive commission plans to choose from: our 100% commission plan and our 90/10 commission plan.

Our 100% commission plan is perfect for agents who want to keep their commission without any additional fees or broker splits. With a low $499 flat fee, our plan is straightforward and ideal for agents who already have all the help they need and don’t require our virtual assistant services.

100 percent commission for realtors
Xcellence Realty Virtual Assistant Services

For agents who could benefit from additional support, our 90/10 Split commission plan provides virtual assistant services that include property video creation, self-promotion videos, entering listings into MLS, social media post designs, property brochure designs, and much more. Plus, we make it easy to request virtual assistant jobs within our Xcellence ToolBox platform.

Both of our commission plans give you access to the same powerful tools, the ability to earn residual income, and our top-notch tech tools that you’ll use every day. With Xcellence Realty, you can keep more of your hard-earned commission and take control of your career.

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Experience Unparalleled Earning Power with Xcellence Realty

With our lucrative compensation plans and revenue share opportunity across both plans, discover why Xcellence Realty stands as the premier choice among high-split brokerages.

Understanding Caps and Fees:

The cap at Xcellence Realty represents the maximum annual fees an agent pays. Under the Agent Maximizer Plan, this is set at $14,000. This is highly favorable as it takes 38 transactions (12 at $499 and 26 at $299) to reach this cap, which is significantly more than what a typical agent completes annually. With the Pro Assist Plan, the cap is slightly higher, reflecting the additional services such as Virtual Assistant Services. After reaching the cap, agents retain 100% of their commission and any additional fees they charge. This is in stark contrast to other brokerages, which often charge a flat fee after the cap is reached, potentially costing thousands more per year.

Mortgage Loan Originator Opportunity for Agents

Through our sister company, Xcellence Mortgage, agents have the unique opportunity to also become Mortgage Loan Originators. This allows you to earn an additional commission check for originating the loan on each transaction you close. This not only benefits you financially but also ensures a streamlined and superior experience for your clients.

All-Inclusive Services:
Regardless of the plan you choose, at Xcellence Realty, agents have access to our cutting-edge technology suite, which includes Xcellence Realty Hub, Transaction Management, eSign, Agent Reports, Lead Management, Xcellence Brand Studio, Xcellence University, and Xcellence Toolbox (which includes seller net sheets, title quotes, cap rate calculator, and virtual assistant job requests for Pro Assist Plan members).

Experience and Reputation Matter:

Among high-commission brokerages, Xcellence Realty stands as the premium choice. With 18 years in business, a stellar reputation backed by five-star reviews across Google and Facebook from both agents and clients, we’ve perfected our craft. When you need support, whether it’s broker or tech support, you can rely on us for timely assistance. If you value stability, responsiveness, and retaining the lion’s share of your commission while associating with a reputable brand, Xcellence Realty is the brokerage for you. We are committed to making a positive impact in the industry and continuously innovating to improve the real estate transaction experience.

Revenue Share: A Shared Success Across All Plans

At Xcellence Realty, our success is your success. Whether you’re on the Agent Maximizer or Pro Assist Plan, you have the opportunity to participate in our revenue share program. This sets us apart from competitors who often restrict revenue share participation to higher split plans. Additionally, with Xcellence Realty, you are not required to contribute towards your cap to participate in the revenue share program. Over the past few years, we’ve proudly paid out over a million dollars in revenue share, demonstrating our commitment to sharing our achievements with our valued agents.

Upcoming Platforms:

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Xcellence One App and platform, where clients will be able to do everything from searching for properties and applying for mortgages, to submitting earnest deposits and tracking their real estate transactions. This integration results in a seamless experience for clients and further enhances your service offerings.

Xcellence Realty is truly the premium choice among high commission brokerages. We have perfected our services over the years and are committed to providing top-tier, all-encompassing opportunities to our agents. When you choose Xcellence Realty, you are not just choosing a brokerage; you are opting for a spectrum of possibilities to grow and excel in your real estate career.

On-Demand VA Services for Pro-Assist Plan Members

The 90/10 split plan includes on-demand Virtual Assistant Services.  We offer a number of services, all listed below.  To submit a task to our Virtual Assistants,, please visit: Xcellence Toolbox & Login.

VA Services Include:

Property Flyer Creation 

Property related Social Media designs 

Self-Promotion Social Media Designs 

Input listings into MLS 

Property-Related promotional video’s 

Personal Branding Video’s

Business Card, For Sale Sign & General Designs 

Property Picture Enhancements
& More…
Xcellence Realty VA Services

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