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Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. represents a unique opportunity for Real Estate professionals seeking an alternative to the traditional constraints of industry norms. As we are not affiliated with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) or any State or Local Realtor Associations, our agents enjoy the freedom to operate beyond the recent policy changes that may not align with every professional’s view of client best interests. This autonomy positions Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc as an ideal choice for agents who prioritize flexibility and client-centered practices in their Real Estate transactions.

By choosing Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. you gain free membership to MyStateMLS, a statewide MLS system that in NOT a member of NAR & allows for expansive listing opportunities across the entire State of Florida and comprehensive home searches nationwide. This benefit is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the means to leverage your real estate license to its fullest potential, free from the regulatory confines of traditional associations.

Key Advantages of Partnering with Xcellence Realty Independent and My State MLS:

  • Statewide Listings and Nationwide Searches: Your free My State MLS membership enables statewide property listings and national home searches, ensuring your service area is as broad as your ambition.


  • Flexibility in Transactions: The unique position of Xcellence Realty Independent, which is independent of NAR and other Realtor Associations, allows for notable transactional flexibility. This includes the ability to continue disclosing buyer’s agent compensation inside the MLS and ability to choose how and when to use buyer brokerage agreements, all in a manner that best suits your professional judgment and client needs.

Xcellence Realty Independent and our utilization of My State MLS cater to the diverse requirements of Real Estate professionals today. Whether adapting to new ways of engaging with clients or searching for alternatives that resonate with your approach to Real Estate, our brokerage offers the solutions you need. Our commitment is to add value and choice within the Real Estate industry, ensuring you possess the tools and freedom to excel on your terms.

Furthermore, Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. operates under the Doing Business As (DBA) “Xcellence Realty,” ensuring a smooth transition for Agents moving from our sister company. This means you can continue using your current for-sale signs, business cards, and other marketing materials without the need for any changes, maintaining brand consistency and recognition.

Below please check out Additional Benefits of My State MLS and the Technology and Services Provided by Xcellence Realty Independent:

Benefits of Using My State MLS:

Syndication of Listings: Enjoy syndication of your listings to all major national portals, similar to traditional MLS services. This includes visibility on Zillow,, Trulia,, and many more, maximizing your listings’ exposure.

Statewide Listings and Nationwide Searches: Utilize your license to its full capacity with the ability to list properties across the entire State of Florida and conduct property searches nationwide through Professional.

No Fine Policy: My State MLS operates without issuing fines, providing a more relaxed and stress-free environment for managing your listings.

Cost-Free MLS Access: Your membership includes access to My State MLS, with no additional fees for national, state, or local association memberships. Since My State MLS and Xcellence Realty Independent are not affiliated with NAR, none of the latest NAR policies apply, offering you complete operational freedom

Website Integration Options: If you have a website, enjoy multiple options for displaying listings, including API access, frameable solutions, or IDX feeds, ensuring seamless integration with My State MLS for enhanced functionality and visitor engagement.

Modern MLS Experience: Experience a modern and user-friendly MLS interface with My State MLS, featuring advanced capabilities for running comparables and market analysis, enhancing your efficiency and effectiveness in serving clients.

Technology Benefits with Xcellence Realty Independent:

Xcellence RealtyHub

RealtyHub: Your comprehensive digital office, featuring transaction management, back-office support, CRM, eSigning, and agent performance reports, enabling you to manage your entire business online efficiently.

University: Access a wealth of knowledge through our online learning platform, offering courses, training sessions, and resources on real estate technology, tools, contracts, and best practices to elevate your career.

Xcellence Brand Studio

BrandStudio: Customize and create your marketing materials, including flyers, business cards, for sale signs, and social media content, to maintain a strong, professional brand presence in the market.

Toolbox: A suite of digital tools at your fingertips, offering everything from digital business cards and electronic signatures to cap rate calculators, seller net sheets, and QR code generators, streamlining your daily tasks.

Help Desk: Access a wealth of knowledge with FAQs, training videos, and guides for Xcellence Realty, mortgage, and title services. This self-service hub provides quick answers and resources to support your success.

Shop: Explore a curated selection of Xcellence Realty branded merchandise, including stylish t-shirts, cozy hoodies, practical tote bags, and essential mugs. Perfect for showcasing your professional affiliation with flair.

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If I join Xcellence Realty Independent, do I need to join NAR or any local/state Realtor Associations?

No, joining Xcellence Realty Independent does not require membership in NAR or any Local or State realtor Associations. We offer a path that respects your choice to operate independently.

Can I offer compensation to buyer's agents on the MLS with Xcellence Realty Independent?

Yes, you can offer compensation to buyer’s agents on the MLS. Keep in mind that only members of My State MLS will see it, and offering compensation is entirely optional, aligning with our flexible approach to transactions.

Will I have access to the necessary forms and contracts?

Yes, below is the information for two vendors where you can access the necessary forms and contracts:

Forms Simplicity: Provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including smart, fillable forms, transaction management, and collaboration features.

  • Professional Edition: $199/year.
  • Ultimate Edition: $250/year, with added unlimited eSign and document storage.

For more details, visit: Forms Simplicity Subscription for Non-Realtor Agents.

Alta Forms via AltaStar: Offers an exclusive rate for access to a wide range of real estate forms.

  • Exclusive Rate: $129 per year.

Access this offer at: AltaStar for Xcellence Realty.

These vendors provide affordable and valuable solutions for all your form and contract needs.

Will I have access to show homes with Supra lockboxes?

Yes, you will have the ability to show homes secured with Supra lockboxes. Please click on the link below for detailed instructions on how you can set this up and gain access:

Instructions for Supra Lockbox Access

Do I need to sign a buyer brokerage agreement with every buyer I work with at Xcellence Realty Independent?

No, our independence from NAR means you’re not obligated to sign a buyer brokerage agreement with every buyer. While we encourage transparency and the use of agreements where beneficial, it’s ultimately your choice, based on what’s best for your client relationships.

If I list a property with My State MLS, how does visibility compare with local NAR-affiliated MLS platforms?

When you list a property on My State MLS, it’s important to note that while the listing will be accessible to all members of My State MLS, it won’t automatically appear in local MLS systems such as Stellar MLS in Central Florida. However, this difference in direct MLS visibility does not significantly impact the overall exposure of your listing. My State MLS syndicates listings to major national portals, where a vast majority of agents and their clients begin their property search. Therefore, even if an agent doesn’t see the listing within their local MLS, they are likely to find it on popular portals like Zillow and Additionally, the likelihood that clients themselves will encounter the listing on these portals is high, ensuring your property receives the exposure it needs.

Can I legally earn a real estate commission without being a member of NAR?

Yes, the ability to earn a real estate commission is independent of membership in the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Recent proposed settlement rulings specifically state: “Eliminate and prohibit any requirements conditioning multiple listing service (MLS) participation or membership in an MLS on offering or accepting compensation to a buyer broker or other buyer representative.” This clarifies that the requirement to offer or accept compensation as a condition for MLS participation is no longer permissible, emphasizing the shift towards more open and direct negotiations between selling and buying parties.

The essential prerequisite for earning a commission is maintaining an active real estate license in the state where you operate. The evolving rules and the emphasis on direct negotiations over the MLS underscore a significant shift from the traditional model. Now, the process for determining compensation is increasingly conducted directly with the seller, making MLS or NAR membership less relevant to the commission earning process.

How do I show a property where the showing instructions require booking an appointment with the seller or listing agent via

Currently, My State MLS is exploring solutions to streamline the process of scheduling showings for properties with instructions listed on As of now, for properties requiring appointments through ShowingTime, agents will need to contact the listing agent directly to arrange a viewing through alternative means. This situation represents one of the adjustments that may be necessary when working within the Xcellence Realty Independent framework and My State MLS.

It’s a balancing act, with various benefits to consider against the few adjustments needed, such as this and accessing properties secured with Supra lockboxes. The advantages of opting for Xcellence Realty Independent include significant savings on Realtor association dues, not being bound by recent NAR policies (which are specific to their members), and the ability to list properties across the entire state of Florida without geographic restrictions.

We recognize these small inconveniences but believe the flexibility and independence offered, along with the ongoing development of solutions by My State MLS, make for a compelling option for real estate professionals. As more information becomes available about streamlined showing scheduling, we’ll ensure our agents are promptly informed.