Hiring Brokers Nationwide

The Xcellence Realty Managing Broker opportunity

is a unique and limited opportunity, unique because our concept is always evolving and growing and limited because this opportunity is ONLY being offered to one Broker per state.  If you are a Real Estate Broker who understands the fact that the Real Estate industry is in the process of a major shift due to the influence of the internet, then Xcellence Realty Broker opportunity might be just right for YOU!

You see we believe Xcellence Realty is the Real Estate brokerage of the future, today!  Our concept has now been proven for over 5 years in the state of Florida which is one of the most competitive states when it comes to companies offering 100% commission.  Xcellence Realty in Florida has over 300 agents statewide with only one corporate office and 1 Broker in the entire state, our goal is to duplicate what we have done in the state of Florida in all 50 states.  Our concept is simple to simplify and streamline the entire office operation with the use of technology while offering 2nd to none support to our agents.

Contractor/managing Broker responsibilities

Our managing Brokers have very little overhead while enjoying our fantastic monthly residual income program. All accounting and 1099 preparation, agent recruiting, agent support, office management, digital file storing, agent website creation, and much more are all handled by the Xcellence Realty Corporate office. Our managing Brokers only have two duties to perform.

The first duty is: supervision of all contracts and documents to ensure compliance with state laws, which includes in a timely manner approving get paid at closing requests, and commission request submitted by our agents, by the way this duty is extremely simplified due to the robustness of our proprietary virtual office software PaperlessDesk.com

The second duty is: To be readily available during normal business hours including weekends to answer agents questions regarding transaction related issues or general Real Estate related manners.

Contractor Benefits

  • First and foremost our Broker position is a fantastic opportunity to earn a substantial income with little to no effort, all while you can continue to work and close your own Real Estate transactions.
  • Receive 100% commission on your own deals you pay us NOTHING!!
  • We pay for you Realtor Association and MLS
  • FREE personal website for you with IDX integration
  • E&O insurance provided by Corporate office
  • Corporate office handles everything except your two responsibilities
  • You will be part of a winning TEAM!
If you are a Broker and would like to find out more about this Fantastic opportunity please contact us today! 
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