1. 390Independent Contractor Status – Contractor agrees to work for Broker as an Independent Contractor, and not as an employee, however, Contractor understands that Broker is legally responsible for the activities of the contractor. All costs and obligations incurred by Contractor in conducting his/her independent business shall be paid solely by Contractor, who will hold Broker harmless from any and all costs and obligations. Contractor will act independently as to the management of his/her time and efforts and will be responsible for timely payment of all of his/her own expenses, Such as industry association dues, licensing renewals, mobile device, etc.., as they are incurred.  Contractor understands and agrees that because Contractor is an Independent Contractor and not an employee Broker. Broker will not withhold any Federal or State Income Tax, Social Security (FICA) or Unemployment (FUTA) taxes from Contractor’s commissions paid. Contractor is personally responsible for paying any and all Federal and State Income. Social Security and other taxes, and for maintaining all expense records as required by law, and represents to Broker that all such amounts will be withheld and paid when due. Contractor shall indemnify and hold Broker harmless from any liability or costs thereof. Contractor further understands and acknowledges that Broker provides NO Workman’s compensation coverage. Contractor hereby specifically waives such coverage and represents to Broker that he/she understands that, if Contractor desires such coverage, Contractor must personally obtain such coverage directly from the State of Florida Real or an insurance carrier of Contractor’s choice, at Contractor’s sole expense.
  1. License & Realtor Status – Contractor is and shall remain licensed and in good standing with the Florida Department of Professional and Business Regulation, throughout the term hereof. If not currently a Realtor, Contractor will, within 10 days of the date of this contract, become a member of an approved Association of REALTORS and will adhere to the REALTORS Code of Ethics and the Multiple Listing Service Rules and By-Laws. Contractor will always conduct him/herself in full compliance with the Statutes and the Rules and Regulations of the Florida Real Estate Commission and in a way, which reflects the high standards of the Broker.
  1. Commissions and Fees – As commissions are earned through the efforts of contractor, such said commissions will be promptly paid to Contractor by Broker minus any amount owed to Broker by Contractor. If Commissions are sent directly to Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc, Inc they will be paid upon the clearance of the funds & upon receipt of a complete sales file & fully executed Closing Disclosure. The second option will be for the Title Company or Attorney conducting the closing to pay you directly at closing, this can be done via an escrow agent disbursement agreements which you can request within a transaction in RealtyBackOffice.com. Contractor further agrees to participate in one of the following Compensation plans Below.


Agent Maximizer Plan – $139/Monthly

-$499 Flat Fee on Residential Sale Transactions under $1 million

  • Reduced Flat Fee for Active Agents: Complete 12 Residential Sale transactions in a year to reduce the flat fee to $299. This incentivizes and rewards agents who consistently contribute to the sales volume.
  • Flexible Commission on Smaller Residential Sales: For sales checks below $5,000, a 90/10 commission split applies with a brokerage fee between $149 (minimum) and $499 (maximum). Agents who have completed 12 transactions have a reduced maximum fee of $299. This structure alleviates the burden on agents in smaller transactions, as opposed to a flat fee, and rewards active agents. Example: On a $2,000 sales check, an agent pays a $200 brokerage fee (10% of $2,000) instead of a flat $499.

-95/5 Split on All Residential Transactions $1 million and above

-90/10 Split on All Referral Transactions with a minimum of $149 to the Brokerage & a Maximum of $499 

-$149 Flat Fee on Residential Leases

-95/5 Split on All Commercial Transactions with a minimum of $149 to the Brokerage

Annual Cap Benefit in Agent Maximizer Plan:

  • Maximum Annual Fee Limitation: There’s a $14,000 annual cap on fees payable to Xcellence Realty under the Agent Maximizer Plan. This means no agent pays more than $14,000 in brokerage fees per year.
  • High Threshold for Cap: It’s highly favorable for agents as reaching this cap is rare due to our low fees. Specifically, it takes 38 transactions (12 at $499 and 26 at $299) to reach this cap, which is far more than a typical agent’s annual transactions.
  • Contrast with Franchises: In contrast, franchise brokerages often charge a 20% commission which can result in reaching their caps within just 5-7 transactions, and they still charge a $300 transaction fee post-cap.
  • All-Inclusive Cap: At Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. all transaction types including residential sales (below and above $1 million), rentals, and referrals contribute toward this cap.
  • Total Retention Post-Cap: Once the cap is reached, agents retain 100% of their commission, including any additional transaction fees. For instance, if an agent earns $10,000 in commission plus a $500 transaction fee, the entire $10,500 is retained by the agent.


Pro-Assist Plan – $39/Monthly – Includes Virtual Assistant Services 

-90/10 Split on Residential Transactions under $1 million with a minimum of $149 to the Brokerage

Residential Sale Checks under $5,000 will be charged at 90/10 Split with a minimum of $149 to the Brokerage 

-95/5 Split on Residential Transactions $1 million and above

-90/10 Split on All Referral Transactions with a minimum of $149 to the Brokerage

-90/10 Split on Residential Leases with a minimum of $149 to the Brokerage

-95/5 Split on All Commercial Transactions with a minimum of $149 to the Brokerage

Annual Cap Benefit in Pro-Assist Plan:

  • Higher Annual Cap with Enhanced Services: The Pro-Assist Plan has a $20,000 annual cap on fees payable to Xcellence Realty Independent. Inc. This cap is slightly higher than the Agent Maximizer Plan to account for the exceptional, value-added services provided by Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. including professional property videos, self-promotion videos, property flyers, MLS listings input, and general design services through our virtual assistant offerings.
  • 90/10 Split Advantage: With a 90/10 commission split as opposed to the typical 80/20 split in franchise brokerages, it takes nearly double the number of transactions to reach our cap compared to franchises.
  • Superior Value and Cost-Effectiveness: Despite the slightly higher cap, the sheer volume of premium services offered represents unparalleled value. Additionally, with the favorable commission split, the cap is remarkably reasonable and competitive.
  • All-Inclusive Cap: Similar to the Agent Maximizer Plan, all transaction types including residential sales (below and above $1 million), rentals, and referrals contribute toward this cap.
  • Total Retention Post-Cap: Upon reaching the cap, agents retain the entirety of their commission, inclusive of any additional transaction fees.

On-Demand VA Services:

The 90/10 split plan includes on-demand Virtual Assistant Services.  We offer a number of services, all listed below.  To submit a task to our Virtual Assistants, please visit: Xcellence Toolbox & Login.

 VA Services Include:

  • Property Flyer Creation 
  • Property related Social Media designs
  • Self-Promotion Social Media Designs 
  • Property-Related promotional video’s 
  • Personal Branding Video’s 
  • Business Card, For Sale Sign & General Designs 
  • Property Picture Enhancements
  • & More…

Commission Allocation Policies for Various Scenarios

Scenario 1- “Intra-Brokerage Referral Commissions”

  • Our brokerage facilitates collaborative transactions, where one Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. agent refers a transaction to another agent within the same brokerage. Under these circumstances, we have two key roles: the Main Agent (the agent who has been referred the transaction) and the Referring Agent (the agent who initiates the referral). Here is a breakdown of how the commission is allocated in these instances.
  • Referral Commissions – Main Agent on Agent Maximizer Plan

Overview: Brokerage collects a flat $499 fee from the Main Agent. The Referring Agent’s referral fee is not subject to any deductions.

Rationale: The $499 is a flat fee, and we aim to avoid double charging just because an additional check is being processed for the referral. 


Total commission: $10,000

Referral commission: $2,500

Brokerage collects $499 from the Main Agent

Referring Agent receives $2,500 without any deductions

  • Referral Commissions – Main Agent on Pro-Assist Plan

Overview: Brokerage collects 10% of the Main Agent’s net commission post-referral, and 10% of the referral fee from the Referring Agent.

Rationale: The brokerage needs to earn its commission on the entire transaction amount to sustain a fair share. This ensures that Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. is not paid less just because an additional check is being processed.


Total commission: $10,000

Referral commission: $2,500

Brokerage collects 10% of $7,500 ($750) from the Main Agent

Brokerage collects 10% of $2,500 ($250) from the Referring Agent

Custom Arrangements: Agents may agree on an alternative arrangement and must notify accountingsupport@xcellencerealty.com via a joint email.

Scenario 2- “Two Agents on the Same Side of a Transaction”

  • Same Compensation Plan: If both agents are on the same compensation plan, the company fee will be split according to that plan, mirroring how the agents are splitting the commission.
  • Different Compensation Plans: If the agents are on different compensation plans, the company fee will be based on the plan that yields the highest revenue for the brokerage, and the fee will be split in the same proportion as the agents are splitting the commission.
  • Custom Arrangements: Agents may agree on an alternative arrangement and must notify accountingsupport@xcellencerealty.com via a joint email.

Scenario 3 – “Agents Purchasing Personal Properties”

  • Overview: Agents receive a 50% discount on their current compensation plan for up to two personal property transactions per year.
  • Eligibility: Agents must be listed on the title as a purchaser in the contract to qualify for this discount.

Policy on Brokerage Fee Calculations Including Additional Transaction Fees and Bonuses

When Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. agents collect additional commissions beyond their standard commissions, such as transaction fees or bonuses from the buyer or seller, our brokerage fees will be calculated as follows:

Agent Maximizer Plan ($99/month and $499 Transaction Fee Plan):

For Residential sales of $1 million and above, the brokerage will apply a 95/5 split. This split is calculated based solely on the commission offered via the MLS or the commission charged on the listing agreement. It does not include any additional transaction fees or bonuses the agent might earn.

For all Commercial transactions, the brokerage will apply a 95/5 split. This split is calculated exclusively on the commission offered via the MLS, not including any additional transaction fees or bonuses.

For Residential sales below $1 million, the brokerage fee is a flat fee of $499, or $299 if the agent has completed 12 transactions within the year.

Pro-Assist Plan (90/10 Split Plan):

For all Residential sales below $1 million, the brokerage will apply a 90/10 split. This split is calculated based solely on the commission offered via the MLS and does not include any additional transaction fees or bonuses.

For Residential sales of $1 million and above, and for all Commercial transactions, the brokerage will apply a 95/5 split. This split is calculated based solely on the commission offered via the MLS and does not include any additional transaction fees or bonuses.

Please note that, under both plans, agents retain 100% of any additional transaction fees or bonuses. The brokerage takes its percentage exclusively from the commission offered on the MLS.

All fees due the Broker must be included on the transaction’s Closing Disclosure and paid at the close of escrow unless waived by Broker, Contractor will provide to Broker a valid credit card number and authorizes Xcellence Realty to charge the credit card for the amount of monthly dues if applicable and any other contractor incurred expenses as payments become due

  1. TeamsXcellence Realty Independent, Inc. Allows for team structures. All teams must comply with all laws affecting team advertising.  In addition, Team Members must all be in the same compensation plan as the Team Leader.
  1. Transaction Defined – For purposes of this Agreement, the term “transaction” shall be defined as the deed following the sale of real estate, or the execution by all parties of a lease, where a commission is paid to Broker as a result of the efforts of Contractor. Contractor agrees that Broker has the right to hold and/or apply any commissions owing to Contractor, as may be necessary to pay for or secure any obligations of Contractor hereunder.

6.Monthly Obligation & Commission Plans– Contractor acknowledges that monthly dues are a legal obligation and Agrees to make timely payments as agreed to. Contractor may elect to change programs with written Notice to Broker prior to the first day of any month. The change will become effective on the first day of the month following such written notice. This election may be made once in any 6-month period.

7. AGENT$HARE- The Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. Rev Share Program

What is Revenue Share?  Revenue Share is the distribution of the total amount of income generated by the sale of goods or services.  It should not be confused with profit share. As with profit share, only the Company profit is shared, which is the revenue left over after expenses have been paid.

When you join Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. you can participate in our Revenue Share program, which we call: AGENT$HARE.  With our Revenue Share program, we pay you a percentage of the Company portion of the commission from the closings of any and all agents you attract to the Company.  Our AGENT$HARE program offers 7 Revenue Share levels which you can see below.


  LEVELS                                              Agents Required                              % of Company Commission

Level 1     1-7 7%
Level 2 8-14 14%
Level 3 15-21 21%
Level 4 22-28 28%
Level 5 29-35 35%
Level 6 36-42 42% 
Level 7 43-49 49%


Cost to participate in AGENT$HARE-The Contractor hereby acknowledges and agrees to participate in the Agent$hare Program, designed to provide agents with an opportunity to share in the growth of Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. A monthly fee of $50.00 (Fifty US Dollars) will be automatically charged to the Contractor’s credit card on file for this participation. This fee is utilized to facilitate and sustain the revenue-sharing structure, as a measure to reward agents contributing to the Company’s growth and success.”

AGENT$HARE Selecting a Sponsor- The Spirit of our AGENT$HARE program is that the person named as your sponsor is that person whom you feel is the person primarily responsible for bringing you to Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc.   It may or may not be the first or last person who talked to you about joining Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. during your considerations, you may in fact have met with many people in the company. Your sponsor should be the person most instrumental in bringing you to these serious discussions. It is similar to the procuring cause issue that is traditional in the Real Estate business.

Please know that any person in a leadership position within the office is ethically bound to honor leads given to them by other Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. agents. While you may consider one of these people as your sponsor because they made personal contact with you, that leader must ensure that you name as your sponsor the person who actually referred you to them. These leadership positions include:

  • Any Broker in Charge
  • Any Company Employee
  • Any Company Trainer
  • Any Company Support Staff

AGENT$HARE Dual and Multiple Sponsorship- Sponsorship by more than one associate, is not allowed in the Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. AGENT$HARE program. In those circumstances when an individual has been recruited by more than one person, only the recruit can decide which person to name as their sponsor at the time of joining the Company.  

AGENT$HARE Change of Sponsorship- Once an individual’s sponsor has been named, it may be changed due to typographical errors that may have occurred when the individual was first entered. 

If a clerical error was made by the individual or by our staff, the mistake can be corrected provided the individual who recently joined Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. submits a written statement of the nature of the mistake, The statement must be approved and signed by an office manager or broker in charge, within 7 days of the date the

individual originally joined Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc.  If the error is not noted within this 7 day grace period, then the individual’s sponsor, as originally entered into our sponsorship record-keeping system, shall remain unchanged.  Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. reserves the right at its sole discretion to grant or not change to named sponsors.

Agent Returning to Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. & AGENT$HARE-  Agents who leave the brokerage and return within 365 days will remain sponsored by their original sponsor even if they put the name of a different sponsor when rejoining.  Only when a past agent re-joins after 365 days, will a different sponsor who is not their original sponsor be honored as their new sponsor. 

AGENT$HARE Payments- All Revenue share will be paid on or about the 5th day of each month.  

Gaming Revenue AGENT$HARE Program- Agent agrees that he/she will not attempt to Game the Company Revenue Share Program by engaging in the practice of engaging “Straw Agents”.

“Straw Agents” are agents who are not engaged in the business of selling real estate or engaged in the process of recruiting and supporting other productive agents in the Company.  The Company

has the sole right to determine who is considered a “Straw Agent” and further reserves the right to release the licenses of individuals who are, in the opinion of the Company, “Straw Agents” which would in net effect reduce the number of front line agents an Agent has recruited.

The Company will also notify Agent that it has released the licenses of the agents that it believes are “Straw Agents” and review the recruiting practices of the Agent.

If, after reviewing with Agent, Agent continues to engage or appears to be engaged in the practice of Gaming the Revenue Share Plan, Agent may be restricted from Recruiting and/or released from the Company.

Transaction Types for AGENT$HARE & Company Minimum Revenue share will only be paid on Residential Transactions. All other transaction types are excluded. Furthermore, it is important to note that a minimum commission threshold applies for revenue sharing. Specifically, the company’s portion of the commission must exceed $149 before a revenue share is disbursed. If the company’s portion of the commission is $149 or less, the recruiter/sponsor who brought in the agent will not receive a revenue share for that sale

Unfortunate event of Death- In the unfortunate event of Death all sponsors revenue share income will be paid to your named beneficiary. To qualify for beneficiary compensation, the agent must have been continuously active with the Company for the last 5 years prior to death.  Any agent who has not vested a minimum of 5 years prior to death, forfeits their revenue share back to the company.

If you are vested during an unfortunate event of death we will forever base the compensation to your named beneficiary, on the Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. Revenue Share compensation level you were in at the time of death.  (Please see level freeze explanation below) The only way this will change is if you actually move up a level(s) because of the 24 month allowance period clause below, if that is the case then we will forever pay the revenue share compensation to your beneficiary based on the highest level you reached after death.

24 months Allowance Period- If within 24 months after death, you are named the person who influenced a new agent to join the Company, we will honor this Agent as your sponsor and will add them to your downline, adjust your compensation plan if needed, & include him/her to your beneficiary compensation.

How Level Freeze After Death Works-  Let’s say you happen to be in level 7 of our revenue share program at the time of death,  if a year after you lose a few agents from your downline and as a result of that you are bumped down level.  What will happen at this point is that we will continue to pay you based on level 7 percentages but of course only for the active agents you currently have now in your downline.  This will occur until there are zero agents in your downline and there is no more revenue share to pay out or in the unfortunate event of the death of your beneficiary.

8. Errors & Omissions Insurance – The Errors and Omissions Insurance carrier shall be chosen at Broker’s discretion. Contractor understands that he/she is responsible for payment of the deductible amount upon request for each Error and Omissions claim. Contractor shall immediately notify Broker of any circumstances likely to give rise to any kind of claim or complaint against Contractor and/or Broker. In the event of a claim, lawsuit, license complaint or arbitration demand which is not wholly covered by insurance, Broker may withhold from Contractor’s commissions payable, an amount adequate to satisfy any amount not covered, which Broker shall place in its claims and Disputes Retention Account, pending settlement or other disposition of the matter. In Broker’s sole discretion, Broker may apply such sums as necessary to settle or to satisfy any such claim or award, and Contractor agrees to cooperate fully in this regard. Contractor understands that, from time to time, the Principals Broker may deem it necessary to obtain legal consultation concerning one of Contractor transactions, Contractors agrees to reimburse and indemnify Broker for any Attorney’s fee reasonably incurred by Broker to obtain legal advice concerning such transactions(s).

9. Agent As Principal– In the event Contractor intends to enter into any transaction as a principal, (as Buyer or Seller with 25% or more equity in property), Contractor shall notify Broker beforehand, and shall include such clause or clauses required by the Florida Statutes and FREC regulations in any contract or lease agreement.

10. Escrow Monies- This office does not act as an escrow agent under NO circumstances, it is mandatory that upon receipt of a good faith deposit for a Real Estate transaction for the monies to be deposited into the title company or attorney trust account that will close the transaction. The money must be deposited into escrow within 24 hours of receipt. If a deposit is received on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, it must be deposited by the next business day.

11. Protection of Contractor’s Listings and Contracts- in the event that Contractor terminates his/her contractual relationship with broker for any reason, any and all listings all through the efforts of Contractor during the term of this Agreement shall be transferred to Contractor or to Contractor’s new employing broker, on Contractor’s behalf without penalty. Commissions earned and paid on all sales contracts completed prior to the Contractor’s termination will be paid to the Contractor upon closing of escrow, according to the commission plan in effect at the time the contract was executed.

However, Contractor specifically agrees to continue to fully cooperate with Broker as necessary to resolve any transactions, claims or dispute which are pending at the time, or which arise after Contractor’s contractual relationship with Broker terminates and Contractor shall indemnify and hold Broker harmless from all such matters. Any such transfer of listing and/or disbursement of commissions is conditioned on the Contractor having any and all dues, fees and expenses owing to Broker paid in full.

12. Adjustment of Compensation Plan Due to Non-Payment of Monthly Fees

Should an agent fail to fulfill their monthly fee obligations to Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. for three consecutive months under their chosen Compensation Plan, the following measures will apply:

  • The agent will be automatically transitioned to the Payment Default Compensation Plan, featuring an 85% agent / 15% brokerage commission split across all transaction types.
  • The agent must complete at least one sales transaction (excluding lease transactions) under this adjusted commission split before any changes can be made to their plan.
  • Upon closing a qualifying sales transaction under the Payment Default Plan, all pending invoices corresponding to the three missed payments will be nullified, and the agent will be reinstated to their initial Compensation Plan.
  • Agents will remain in the Payment Default Compensation Plan for up to six months. If no transactions are closed within that period, the agent’s status with the brokerage will be evaluated, and they may be made inactive.

13. Hold Harmless– As a material provision of this agreement, Contractor agrees that, for all actions that Contractor Does during his/her contractual relationship with Broker, Contractor will forever indemnify and hold harmless Broker, their heirs, successors, spouses and liabilities of every kind whatsoever, whether known or unknown, including without limitation of any action, omission, negligence or any other basis of liability or complain, in any forum, brought by any third party against Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. In addition to that contractor

agrees that no action or complaint arising out of a real estate transaction in which Broker is involved may be brought by Contractor before any body, against any third party, without prior written consent of the Broker. If the Broker initiates any litigation or arbitration action on behalf of the Contractor or if the Broker must defend any action of the Contractor in litigation or arbitration, Contractor will pay all related filing fees and attorney fees.

14. Amendment of Contractor’s Agreement & Policies Manual – Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc at their sole discretion reserves the right to modify this agreement including and not limited to eliminating or altering Compensation plans, membership benefits, Company rules, & special income programs. In the event Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc, adopts an amendment to this Contractor’s agreement or Company policies agent agrees to abide and accept the latest contract adoption and or Company policies modification. Agent will always be notified of amendment(s) and the date they will go into effect. Agent agrees to hold Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc the Broker, the Principal, any officer, director or Stockholder harmless for the adoption of or modification of this Contractor’s Agreement or Company Policies.

15. Termination of Agreement – This Agreement may be terminated immediately by Broker or agent with or without cause, Contractor agrees that a violation of any of Contractor’s obligations hereunder shall constitute cause for immediate termination of this Agreement. 

 In the event of termination, the contractor will forfeit all sponsors to our corporate office and will no longer be compensated Revenue Share.  Lastly, In the event the contractor voluntarily terminates this agreement and decides to return to Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. in the future, the contractor will NOT be entitled to receive Revenue Share from past recruits.

16. Communication Consent By joining Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. the agent (“Agent”) hereby grants the Company permission to communicate via various methods such as email, text messages (SMS), phone calls, and postal mail for purposes including but not limited to company updates, service notifications, promotions, and other relevant communications related to the Agent’s affiliation with the Company. The Agent acknowledges that this consent is a part of their association with Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. and that it remains in effect until expressly revoked in writing.

Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc


  1. Professionalism– Professionalism at Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. means approaching the business with ethical conduct toward our customers and clients and other agents. Secondly, constant training and education keep us informed and at the peak of our awareness. All Associated Licensees must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times
  2. Mediation of Disputes– In the event of a dispute involving two or more contractors, all of whom are licensed with Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc Contractor authorizes the Designated Broker for Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. sole and absolute discretion in resolving said dispute. Contractor agrees to abide by the decision of the Designated Broker. Contractor also agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc and its Designated Broker against any claim, action or lawsuit of any kind. And from any loss, Judgment, or expense, including attorney’s fees, arising from or relating in any way to the resolution of said dispute.
  1. Communication with Company Agents– If you have the need to mass communicate with Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc agents, the only allowed platform to communicate is the Company Private Facebook Group & the announcements area of RealtyBackOffice.com,  Any other forms of mass communication require written Company administrative approval.
  1. Training Events & Social Events– Agent may not coordinate nor sponsor training or social events where a group of Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc. agents will be present without written Company administrative approval. In the case of a training event, before requesting administrative approval, please make sure to have a complete curriculum of what will be discussed in the presentation/training event.  Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc at its sole discretion, reserves the right to deny any agent coordinated/sponsored training that does not align with our Company culture, business model, policies, objectives, or goals.
  1. Brokers Open & Open Houses– Agents who wish to co-host a broker’s open house with a 3rd party Company/vendor, must obtain written Company administrative approval before doing so.  Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc reserves the right to deny the attendance of any 3rd party Company/Vendor in our listings if at our discretion we believe that the vendors attendance in the broker’s open or open house does not align with our Company culture, business model, objectives, or goals.
  1. Media Outlets- Agents are prohibited from granting radio, television, newspaper, or magazine interviews, or using public appearances, public speaking engagements, or making any type of statement to the public media to publicize the Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc opportunity, its products, and services without the written approval of Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc
  1. Blind Ads- Agents may NOT use “blind” ads on the Internet making product or income opportunity representations that are or may be associated with Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc
  1. Spamming- Agents may not, under any circumstance, use the Internet for the purpose of indiscriminate “bulk” or unsolicited mailing, generally known as “spamming.”
  1. Logo or Company name- Use of the company logo is considered advertising, please make sure to use the most updated version of our logos which can be found in the link below:


  1. Using Name Xcellence or Xcellence Realty in Social Media or other online venues

Use of the name Xcellence or Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc in a Domain name, YouTube Channel Name, Facebook page or other Social Media site is prohibited and must be approved by the company in advance or risk being required to be removed from the respective places online and or turned over to the company for no additional consideration.

  1. Advising your clients beyond the subject of Real Estate-
    Do not give advice on legal, tax, construction and other advice which are outside of the scope of your license.
  2. Property Management- Property management, business opportunities and prepayment rental activities are not allowed.
  1. Referrals- Outside referral payments must have supporting referral agreements included in the file.
  2. Supra / eKey / MLS Keybox Key-Do not give your Supra key or MLS login information to any unauthorized person.  You will be responsible for damages caused by such a violation.
  1. Do Not Call Rules: Agents must stay up to date on rules relating to the Do-not-call rules:  See: http://www.ftc.gov/donotcall
    Cold calling must be done in compliance with applicable state and national laws.  Any fines that result from any violation of the “do not call” law or any other solicitation will be paid for by the Salesperson who broke said rule.
  2. Out of Town or Vacation-When you have listings and/or open escrows and you are out of town, or otherwise unable to provide services to your clients, you are required to notify the admin staff so they know who is covering your business.  Do not leave your business unattended.
  3. Business Apparel- When showing property, sales associates must maintain a clean and presentable appearance. It is highly encouraged that agents dress in business casual at a minimum when first meeting a client and to maintain a wardrobe which is consistent with being a trusted professional.

  4. Claims & Warranties- Agent agrees to make no claims or warranties of any kind, including, but not limited to, any claims for earnings or benefits concerning its services, other than those included in Xcellence Realty Independent, Inc written literature. 
  1. Identity Theft– Identity theft is a growing concern. So, it is essential that you treat with care and confidentiality all files containing names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card information or any other personally identifiable information. You must assure that any files containing such information that remain in your possession be kept in a secure location and disposed of properly. 
  1. Safe Driving- You are expected to keep your automobile in a clean, properly maintained, and safe operating condition at all times. Remember: You are responsible for damage or injury caused while driving. It is your obligation to drive in a safe, responsible and alert manner. A. Personal Injury Protection. Each Agent must carry automobile liability insurance in amounts not less than $100,000 for each person, $300,000 for each accident. Proof of insurance may be requested by the company. B. Uninsured Motorist Insurance. It is recommended that each Agent carry uninsured motorist insurance for his or her own protection against uninsured drivers. 

21. Personal Transactions- You may buy or sell property for your personal account subject to the same Broker’s fee like a regular Transaction. You must disclose in writing that you are a real estate licensee whenever you buy or sell property in which you have an ownership interest, or where you have a special relationship with a buyer, or where there is a possibility that you could acquire indirectly a financial or legal interest in the property.